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Tudor & York brings beautiful, affordable jewelry to you, designed to bring elegant and ornate jewelry into your everyday style. 

The Tudor & York brand was created to honor the love of Elizabeth of York and King Henry VII of Tudor, who united power following the War of the Roses. Theirs was said to be a long and happy marriage. We created this line to honor the tradition of jewelry coming from the monarchy, elegant and romantic in style, but effortless to complete every look. Using only the highest quality materials, we’re so excited to get Tudor & York jewelry into your hands. 

Tudor & York follows the creation of our beloved Madison Braids, which were designed with busy women in mind. Started by a husband-wife duo in Columbus, Ohio, Madison Braids creates unique, handmade braided headbands and extensions that add beautiful style and polish to your everyday look. Shop the latest Madison Braids' collection. We’re so honored by the reception you have shown our braids, the Tudor&York brand is the next extension of that. 

All of our pieces are made from the highest-quality materials and shipped directly to you from the USA.

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